Besides a selection of classical rehabilitations clinics, Primecon has selected additional specialized clinics for your optimal convalescence.




Cereneo Center for Neurology and Rehabilitation

Founded in 2012, Cereneo is a Swiss research institute and clinic specialized in neurorehabilitation located at the bank of the beautiful Lake Lucerne in Vitznau.

The Cereneo Clinic is unique in its therapy approach and variety, as well as individual care. Cereneo convinces through high motivation and can count on a highly motivated team with broad specialist knowledge. Cereneo aims at giving back clients maximum independence, a free way of living, and a high quality of life.

The Hirslanden Private Group of Clinics

The merger of five clinics into a group of private clinics in Hirslanden took place in 1990. Today, the Hirslanden Private Group of Clinics comprises 16 clinics, many of them with an outpatient surgical center and an emergency department. It operates 4 outpatient health centers as well as 14 radiology and 4 radiotherapy institutes. This makes it to the largest medial network in Switzerland.
The Hirslanden Clinics are system providers. They stand for first-class medical quality, competent care in a therapeutic environment and highly qualified medical specialists with extensive experience.

Its most important goal: To be leader in quality in the acute clinical sector.

Swiss Medical Network, Genolier

Swiss Medical Network is one of the two leading Swiss private groups of clinics. Patients from all language regions in Switzerland and abroad receive in these clinics first-class hospital treatment and care. The clinics distinguish themselves through the quality of services, their excellent medical infrastructure, a top-class hotel business and a pleasant therapeutic environment.

The Nescens de Genolier clinic is a facility specialized in prevention and the biology of aging. Clients enjoy access to specialists in their field, and the latest leading-edge medical technology.